September 2015 Release - NDA Management and ZIP Bulk Download Enhancements

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The Firmex team is very pleased to announce the September 2015 release. In this release we’ve updated and expanded two existing features - NDA Management and ZIP Bulk Download - to make the data room even easier to use. Leveraging on the existing Firmex Viewer technology, NDAs will now show up in-product without the need to open up another application to read the NDA, allowing a quick and easy way to view and accept or decline the NDA. We have also improved our ZIP Bulk Download function by including the ZIP links right in the DocExchange window.

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NDA Enhancements

NDAs are a key tool in ensuring that all parties accessing documents in a project agree to the project’s confidentiality requirements. Based on feedback from our users, two improvements have been made to NDA management:

Displaying NDA in Firmex Viewer

NDAs are now viewed in-browser using the Firmex Viewer, allowing the NDA to be read and accepted or rejected right in the Firmex User Interface without having to be downloaded and read in a native application like Word or Adobe Reader. The NDA may still be displayed every time a user logs in, or just the first time a user logs in.

Reporting on NDA Acceptance

The “User Status > By User” report now includes information about the acceptance or rejection of an NDA for all users in a project. The report includes a ‘Date Accepted NDA’ column, and is exportable to Excel. This column provides the date and time of the acceptance or rejection of the NDA. In the case of a project where the NDA must be accepted every time a user logs in, the latest acceptance date and time will be shown. In the case where acceptance of the project’s NDA took place prior to this release, the report column displays the text “Accepted”.

ZIP Bulk Download Enhancements

The ZIP Bulk Download function is even easier to use with the inclusion of the ZIP file download links directly in the DocExchange window. Monitor the progress of your download request via the progress bar. Once processing is complete, the links to your bulk download appear directly in the DocExchange window. Click the links and download the .zip files without leaving the Firmex User Interface. Emails containing links to the bulk download will continue to be sent to the requester’s inbox.

How will my users be affected by this release?

NDA Enhancements

For projects with NDA uploaded to the project, the NDA will now automatically open in the Firmex Viewer for all users. The acceptance / rejection of this NDA will be captured in the “User Status > By User” report and will be available to Project Managers and Administrators.

Zip Download Enhancements

For projects where bulk download is enabled, all users who request a ZIP File Bulk Download will now be able to click the links directly within the DocExchange window to download the requested ZIP files.

Where can I get more information?

To learn more about NDA Management or ZIP Bulk Download Enhancements:

  • Visit the Firmex Knowledge Base, which includes how-to videos, articles, and Frequently Asked Questions, by clicking the question mark icon (?) in your data room.
  • Our Client Services team is available 24/7.

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