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September 2017 Product Update

This month’s release brings increased document security awareness, more refined search options, and improvements to downloads.

Enhanced Document Security


Firmex brings added security to your data room by bringing an administrator’s attention to documents containing viruses. Firmex has always scanned uploaded documents for viruses, but in this release, if an infected file is uploaded, several actions automatically happen:

  • The file is flagged using a visual indicator as having a virus, bringing it to the attention of an administrator (see screenshot)
  • The file is automatically placed in the data room as Offline to prevent users from downloading, so only Administrators may handle it
  • The file is omitted from guests’ document upload email notifications

Administrators may click a link in the data room that will guide them to a help article with recommended actions to take.

Zip Bulk Download Improvements

Many of our support calls involve helping users handle multiple parts of a zip bulk download. In this release, the size of each part of a zip bulk download has increased to 5GB, up from 1GB. This means the majority of zip bulk downloads will arrive in one zip file, and there is less likelihood for a user to work with multiple zip parts.

Refined Search


With this release, users have the option to limit their site or project search results to matches against the document name only, ignoring the body text of a document. This filter will help users with large amounts of data to find a document more quickly as it will reduce the number of search results.

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