December 2016 Product Update

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In this release Firmex delivers a site-wide security feature that keeps your user list confidential, as well as standardization to the way you log in to the VDR.

Keep your user list confidential

Reduce the visibility of your site’s user list by enabling Guest Projects as a site default.

The list of all the users who have ever been added to your site may be sensitive information. After this release, Site Administrators can now set a Site level option to create new Projects as Guest Projects by default. Guest Projects automatically hide your Site User List from administrators, forcing them to enter each user’s email address instead of selecting users from a list.

Designed for projects administered by non-employees (i.e. Guest users), the functionality ensures that Project Administrators cannot “browse” the list of Site users, while retaining their ability to perform all other regular administrative functions.

To enable Guest Projects as a default

  1. Log in to your Firmex site.
  2. Click the site logo located on the top left corner to get to the Project List.
  3. Click the Settings > Options tab.
  4. Select Create new Projects as Guest Projects.
  5. Click Save Changes.

Once the setting is enabled, any new project that is created will behave as a Guest Project. Site Administrators may also revert the project back to a standard project through the Project List.

Learn more about Guest Projects.

Also in this release,

An important change to the way you log in to the Firmex VDR.

Log in using your Firmex registered email address.

Starting this Sunday, December 4th, we will be standardizing our login process, and you will only be able to log in using your email address registered with the Firmex VDR, not your username. The email address is most likely your work email.

After December 4th, please log in using a valid email address and your password. If needed, you may reset your password or contact Firmex Support.

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