Bulk download tools allow you to download some or all of the documents and folders in a Firmex project. Permission to bulk download must be given by a project's Administrator.

Can you bulk download documents?

In the Documents tab, right-click any folder. Do you see a Download menu option?

  • If you do, you can download documents to your computer in bulk. Continue reading the article below. 
  • If you do not, you must request permission from the Administrator to enable the bulk download option

How to Bulk Download documents

There are two methods to bulk download:
  1. ZIP File - great for downloads up to 200GB in size; larger downloads will come down in multiple parts.
  2. Document Exchange for Desktop - recommended for downloads larger than 200GB in size. 

Order archives from Firmex Professional Services

Our professional services team can provide DVD or USB archives of your data room and ship them to a location of your choosing. If you’d like to request an archive, simply fill out the online Archive Order Form.

For any questions about pricing and timeframes, please see our article about archiving services.

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