April 2016 Update - Groups Enhancements

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The Firmex team is very pleased to announce the April 2016 release. This release focuses on enhancements to the Groups functionality including the ability to Copy Group within a project, Set Index Permission by Group, and filter reports by Group.

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Copy Group

You can now easily create new groups with the same permissions as an existing group, within the same project, with the new Copy Group function. The default and custom content permissions (for New projects) and custom content permissions (for Migrated projects) of the group will be copied. The users in the existing group will not be copied to the new group. Once the group is copied, users can be added to the group and changes can be made to the new group’s permission.

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Set Index Permissions on a group in Groups & Users tab

Project Administrators can now edit permissions at the directory level in a project at any time from the Groups & Users tab. The Set Index Permissions option is accessed  through the dropdown menu next to a group’s name. The window shows all the project indices and the group’s content role next to them.  An administrator may change the group’s permission for each index.

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Groups filter in reports

The Groups functionality is now reflected in the Document Activity - By User report and the Document Activity - Most Active Documents report. Each report displays each user’s group and may be filtered by group. The Excel export also includes each user’s group.

Groups functionality will be added to the remaining reports in upcoming releases.


Browser Support - Internet Explorer 9

On January 12, 2016, Microsoft stopped providing security updates and technical support for Internet Explorer 9. Accordingly, as of May 1st, 2016, Firmex will no longer be supporting Internet Explorer 9 (IE 9). Please encourage any users of IE 9 to upgrade their browser to the current version of Internet Explorer or use Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Current IE 9 users will receive a notification when logged in to upgrade their browser.

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