Report: Document Activity % Accessed

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The Document Activity % Accessed report shows the most active companies accessing project documents, by percentage. You may click a company in the report to see a list of the company's users accessing those documents.

The report can answer the following questions:

  • Which company is showing the most interest in the project, by viewing the most documents?
  • What percentage of documents has a specific company viewed?

To run the report:

  1. Select from the reports filters.
    'Active Users' will only display companies whose users have accessed at least one document.
    'All Users' will display all companies, regardless of whether users have accessed any documents.
  2. Click Run Report.
  3. The report displays the total number of documents in the project, and for each company the number of documents that have been accessed vs. not accessed, as a number and as a percent. 


To view the report by a company's users:

  1. Once the report has been run, click a company to drill-down into it.
  2. The report now displays a list of the company's users who have accessed the documents. 
  3. Click the Back button to return to the company display.

To view which specific documents have been or haven't viewed by a company or user, please access the Document Activity By User report.



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