Report: Document Activity by User

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The Document Activity 'By User' report shows users' activity on documents based on group, company, activity type and date range.

The report can answer the following questions:

  • When did a specific user download a specific document?
  • Which users have viewed a specific document?
  • When was a document uploaded, and by whom?
  • When was a document deleted, and by whom?
  • Has a specific user viewed a specific document?

To run the report:

  1. Select from the reports filters.
    Select a Group to filter the report for a specific group. By default, all groups are displayed.
    Select a Company to filter the report for a specific group. By default, all companies are displayed.
    Select an Activity Type. By default, four activities are displayed, highlighted in bold below:

    • Document View
    • Document Save
    • Document Upload
    • Document Bulk Download
    • Document Print
    • Document Copy
    • Delete/Remove
    • Add Version
    • Delete Version
  2. Select a Date Range for the report.  
  3. Click Run Report.

The report displays the activity type and date and time of the activity for each user.  

Tracking Downloaded Documents

You can track the activity of downloaded documents as long as document protection options that require a plug-in are applied. Since the plug-in facilitates communication between the user’s computer and Firmex to apply the protections, activity such as document views and prints are also recorded. These protections are Lock to Computer, Expire Access, and Disable Print.

Identifying Deleted and Removed Documents

Document titles will appear as a link that redirects you to the document location in the data room. However, if a document has been deleted or removed, it will appear as regular greyed out text.

Deleted document activity remains in the reports for transparency and maintenance of an audit trail, similar to the activity for deactivated users.

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