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Report: Document Activity Email Notifications


The Document Activity Email Notification Report gives administrators additional insight into the email notification lifecycle. With increased visibility, admins can confirm and be reassured that the appropriate document activity notification emails have been sent to the right people.

Administrators can see emails that have been sent, or are pending to be sent, within the last 30 days.


Q: What’s the difference between Immediate and Digest?
A: Each time a document is uploaded to a project, a user may be notified of the uploaded document based on their document activity notification frequency. The frequency is first set by the project’s administrator when setting up users. The frequency can then be changed by each user.

The frequencies are:

  • Immediate - One email per upload.
  • Weekly - One email per week containing a digest of newly uploaded documents.
  • Hourly - One email per hour containing a digest of newly uploaded documents.
  • Daily - One email per day containing a digest of newly uploaded documents.
  • None - No emails are sent for newly uploaded documents.

Note: Administrators may also choose to notify users when documents are moved or copied.

An administrator may choose to Notify Users of new documents or folders. Notify Users overrides a user’s frequency and immediately sends an email. These types of notifications will not appear in the Document Activity Email Notification Report.

In the report, Immediate indicates a user whose frequency is set to Immediate.
Digest indicates a user whose frequency is set to either Hourly or Daily.

Q: What does the Sent / Failed / Pending status mean?
A: Status indicates the state of the user’s email:

  • Sent - The email has been sent to its intended user.
  • Failed - The email has failed to reach its intended user. This may be due to two reasons:
    • If the project level checkbox for "Document Activity Notification" is disabled (affects all users)
    • If the user no longer has access to the project or the content (Deactivated / Removed / Archived or permission changed)
  • Pending - The email is in a queue, waiting for the user’s digest time to be sent. For example, if the user’s digest time is set to daily at 8AM, and it’s currently 3PM, the email will be in Pending status until the following day at 8AM, at which point its status will change to Sent.
  • Sending - The email is waiting for the servers to send. This typically only happens for a few seconds when there is a large queue of emails to be sent.

Q: I don’t see activity for a user I archived or removed from the project.
A: Activity for users that have been removed or archived from a project is not visible in the Document Email Notification report.

Q: I don’t want a notification to be sent. It’s in Pending status. Can I cancel an email from being sent?
A: There are two ways to cancel pending email notifications:

  1. If you want to cancel a specific user's pending email notification, you can deactivate the user in the Groups & Users tab. This will cancel all pending emails for the user.
  2. If you want to cancel every user's pending email notification, you can disable the "Document Activity Notifications" checkbox in the project's Settings > Options tab.
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