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There are 3 types of emails you may be receiving from Firmex:

To prevent emails being sent to you from Firmex, please see the relevant section below.

Document activity notifications

Document activity notifications are sent when new documents are uploaded to the data room. You can change the frequency of how often you receive these or turn them off entirely. To do so:

  1. Log into the data room and click on your name at the top right and choose Email Settings
  2. Change the Frequency of Notification to the desired setting for the project
  3. Click Save

Q&A (Question and Answer) Emails

If you are part of a Q&A session you may receive emails to notify you regarding new questions or answers that have been submitted. You can tell if you're part of a Q&A session when you can see a tab called Q&A next to the Documents tab. If you aren't sure what the Q&A module is, please see this article

There are two types of Q&A emails:

  • Task emails
  • Digest emails

Depending on your Q&A role, you will receive emails at specific times, as outlined below.

Task emails

Question Authors receive a task email every time an answer is submitted by an Answer Coordinator.

Question Coordinators receive a task email every time a question is drafted by a Question Author or answered by an Answer Coordinator. If you believe you are receiving too many task emails regarding new questions, you may want to ask the administrator of the data room to change your role to Question Author.

Answer Coordinators will receive a task email every time a question is submitted or an answer is drafted. If you'd like to only receive notifications when a question is assigned specifically for you to answer, you can ask the Administrator of the data room to change your role to Expert.

Experts receive a task email whenever a question is Assigned to them by the Answer Coordinator.

Approvers receive a task email whenever an Answer Coordinator proposes an answer.

Digest emails

Digest emails are a summary of new question and answer activity pertaining to your Q&A group. All Q&A roles receive a digest email at a frequency of Hourly, Daily, or None, as specified by the project administrator. 

If you're still receiving too many Q&A emails, consider setting up an email filter in your mail program that automatically places emails from Firmex into a separate folder. If you'd like assistance with this, please contact Firmex Support.

Turning off Q&A emails

Digest emails and/or Task emails can be turned off by a Project Administrator or Project Manager in Q&A Settings - Group Settings.

Once in Group Settings, the Task emails can be set to Immediate or None and the Digest emails can be set to Daily, Hourly or None.

If you have any questions or would like assistance with this, please contact Firmex Support.

Product news and features

Firmex customers are presented with the opportunity to opt in or out of marketing communication the moment that they are invited into their first Firmex project. If a user opts-in and then decides to opt-out of marketing communication, they have several ways of managing their preferences.

In the product - From the top-right corner of the VDR, users can click their name and then select Manage Firmex Emails. From here, customers can unsubscribe or subscribe to various Firmex email communication.

In marketing emails -  In every email sent to customers, users are presented with a “Manage Your Subscription” option at the bottom of the email that directs users to a email preference page where customers can unsubscribe or subscribe to Product Support, Business News or Offers communications.

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