Bounce-back Email Notifications

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What are bounce-back email notifications?

Bounce-back Notifications are emails that let project and site administrators know when other emails being sent by Firmex are not reaching their intended recipient and are “bouncing back”. 

When you receive a Firmex Bounce-back Notification, it will include:

  • The type of email that bounced
  • The recipient’s email address
  • The date/time it was meant to be received (in your time zone)
  • An error message as to why it could not be delivered


What triggers bounce-back emails?

Please see the table below for a list of error messages and possible solutions. 

Error Message Solution
Recipient's email is on the suppression list

The user’s email has been added to a suppression list due to one of the following reasons:

  • Their email provider has previously rejected Firmex emails.
  • They have marked Firmex emails as spam in the past.

If you have ensured the user’s email address is correct, please contact and ask us to remove the email address from the suppression list. This can take 1-3 business days.

Permanent Bounce - the email address may be incorrect or no longer in use

The most common cause for this message is that the email address does not exist. Please confirm that the email is correct and try sending the invitation/notification again.


How do you configure who receives bounce-back Notifications?

There are two types of emails we send: Project-level, and Site-level.

Project-level emails are the most common and can be anything from Document Activity Notifications to Q&A emails. To set who receives the Project Level bounce back notifications, go to the Project Settings tab and set the Bounce-back Email field.

Site-level emails are emails that have to do with Site-level activity such as adding a new Site Administrator at the Site Users tab, or a confirmation email when you successfully import users at the Site Level. Our Support team configures this email address and is usually set as the main contact email address for the site.

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