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I haven’t received my invitation email


A user has not received their initial invitation email containing their temporary password. Typically, multiple users from the same company did not receive their invitation emails.


  1. The invitation email has been marked as spam or junk by the user’s email program.
  2. Firmex’s email domain ( has been blocked by the company’s firewall.


Have the user check their spam/junk folder for the email

Have the user log in to their email program and check their spam and junk folder for an email containing the subject line “You are invited to” from the sender

Whitelist the @firmexpostmaster email domain

Have the user contact their IT administrator and ask that the domain be allowed through the company firewall. This will unblock multiple users’ invitations.

(Admins only) Send the invitation email to yourself and forward it to the user


This solution involves adding a backup email to the user’s profile and sending the invitation email to this secondary email address. You may choose to add the user’s backup email address (e.g. a Gmail or Hotmail account), or add your own email as the user’s backup email. Once you receive the email, you may forward the email to the user from your own email account.

  1. Log in to your Firmex project.
  2. Click the Groups & Users tab.
  3. Click the name of the user who has not received their invitation. In the example above, Martena Chang has not received her email.
  4. Click the Backup Email tab.
  5. In the Backup Email field, enter your own email or the user’s backup email. Place a checkmark next to the email. Then, click Save.
  6. To send an invitation to both the primary and backup email, click the envelope icon next to the user’s name. Then, click Send.

Both the primary and backup emails will receive the invitation. If you have sent the invitation to your own email address, you may forward that email to your guest.

When the user has received the invitation, remove the backup email from the account.

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