Firmex system requirements

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Firmex supported environments and configuration

Firmex supports a wide range of computing environments. This article outlines the requirements against which Firmex has been tested and is supported.

Operating Systems

Windows: 8.1 or higher

 Mac: OS X 10.14 or higher

Supported Browsers (with cookies and Javascript enabled)

  • Microsoft Edge, most recent stable version
  • Google Chrome, most recent stable version
  • Mozilla Firefox (Windows only), most recent stable version
  • Apple Safari, Version 12.1 or higher

Network Setup

Your Firmex site will be accessed by navigating to an https URL with this convention:
https://“your firm name”
Access to the following URL over Port 80 and SSL Port 443 is required:

Uploading and downloading documents



Standard uploads (HTML 5)

  • Google Chrome 
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge 

Zip file download

For Zip downloads larger than 5GB, one of the following applications are required:

Document Exchange for Desktop Application (for Uploads and Downloads)
  • Windows: 7 or 10
  • Please see this article for more information

Document Protection Plug-In

If downloading protected documents, the following plug-in is required:

Seclore Lite Client for PDF and Office

The system requirements for the Seclore plug-in are as follows:

 Windows: 7, 8, or 8.1

 Mac: OS X 10.8 or higher

Email Notifications

Automatic email notifications, invitations and password resets are sent from a Firmex email server to your internal and external users. To ensure all critical messages are delivered, add the following to the safe senders list on your networks:

  • *
  • *


Please contact Firmex Client Services with any questions.

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