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Asking users to sign an NDA, terms of use, or confidentiality agreement


A Project Administrator may post an NDA, disclaimer statement, terms of use, or confidentiality agreement document that a user must agree to before gaining access to a project.  If the user does not agree with the disclaimer statement they will not be allowed in to the project.

To upload an NDA

  1. In your project click the Settings tab.
  2. In the Upload Disclaimer Statement section, click the Choose File button.
  3. Select your  disclaimer statement (Firmex recommends uploading a PDF disclaimer).
  4. If you would like the disclaimer statement to appear every time a user logs in to the project, click the “Display every time a user enters the Project” checkbox.
  5. Click Save Changes.

Reporting on NDA Acceptance

The “User Status > By User” report includes information about the acceptance or rejection of an NDA for all users in a project. The report includes a ‘Date Accepted NDA’ column, and is exportable to Excel. This column provides the date and time of the acceptance or rejection of the NDA. In the case of a project where the NDA must be accepted every time a user logs in, the latest acceptance date and time will be shown. In the case where acceptance of the project’s NDA took place prior to this release, the report column displays the text “Accepted”.

Is the disclaimer displayed every time a user logs in?

By default, the disclaimer statement is displayed the first time a user logs in to the project, and every time a disclaimer is replaced by the Administrator. The Administrator may choose to display the disclaimer statement every time a user logs in to a project through the Project Settings tab.

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