Upload folders & documents

A project Contributor, Manager, or Administrator may upload documents and folders to Firmex. The different methods of uploading to Firmex are:

  1. Drag-and-drop folders and documents (through web browser or Desktop application)
  2. Importing a list of folders via spreadsheet
  3. Email In documents
  4. Creating folders manually (see below video)


Creating folders manually

You can build out your folder structure manually as well. First, you'll want to make an index (also called a directory):

  1. In the Documents tab, right-click Document Sharing on the left
  2. Select Add Index (or Add Directory)
  3. Name the index and click enter


To add folders and sub-folders within the index:

  1. Right-click the folder you'd like to build out
  2. Select Add Folder
  3. Name the folder and click enter

The numbering schema can be changed in the Settings tab. See this article for instructions: Numbering settings and schema

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