This article applies to Project Contributors, Managers, or Administrators

This video covers tips and tricks for managing your documents and folders:

  • Moving and copying
  • Renaming
  • Hiding sensitive information
  • Reports & listings
  • Document versions

Moving and Copying

Drag and Drop: Folders and documents can be easily moved, copied, or reordered within your project by dragging and dropping them. To use drag and drop for documents, you'll need to select the 'drag handles', which are the six dots to the left of the document name. Each time you drag and drop, you'll be presented with a confirmation screen to save the move or copy. 

Move/Copy Menu: The other method is to use the Move/Copy menu function which can be found when right-clicking a document or folder. This method allows you to move or copy documents between projects as well as within projects.


To learn about how users are notified about copied documents, see this article: Move/Copy Email Notifications.


Renaming, Replacing, or Updating

Rename: To rename a folder or document, move your mouse over it and click the pencil icon. You can edit other information about a folder or document by selecting the drop-down menu and then Edit Details.

Replace: To replace a folder or document, simply select the drop-down menu, choose Delete, and then confirm. Next, upload the new document into the same location. If you don't see an option to delete, you'll either need to request an administrator to delete the document for you or upgrade your permissions.

Update: Use the Add Version feature, which is explained in detail here: Document versions

For information on merging folders, check out this article: Smart upload with folder merge


Hiding Sensitive Information

If you're hiding information from a group of users, we suggest putting that information into its own directory (or index). To create a new directory, select the drop-down beside the root folder, which is often called Document Sharing. You can then use the Set Permissions menu on that folder to adjust permissions for each group.

See the below links for further reading on hiding sensitive information:

Visibility of information in your project

Allowing access to only sub-folders


Project Listings

To see instructions on how to run a report showing the list of all documents and folders view this article:

Table of contents & data room index



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