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The user has uploaded a document or folder, but the upload is not appearing on-screen.


  1. The Firmex DocExchange window is being blocked. The DocExchange is required for the transfer of data from your computer to Firmex.
  2. You need to refresh your screen to see the uploaded documents.
  3. You have uploaded a duplicate of an existing document, and the duplicate was ignored.
  4. You have uploaded a new version of a document, and a new version was added, rather than a new document.
  5. You have uploaded a document in to the data room’s header folder, rather than your desired destination.


Manually bring up the Firmex DocExchange

After you clicked the Upload button, did a transfer window appear? If not, it may have been blocked by your browser. To manually bring up the transfer window (i.e. DocExchange), from the bottom right-hand corner of your data room, click the “Open in New Window” button.

Refresh your screen after the upload is completed

Once your upload is complete, from the Documents tab, refresh your browser window. Look for a prompt at the top of your screen, or press the F5 key on your keyboard.

Check to see if you’ve uploaded a duplicate

Bring up the DocExchange window (see step 1, above). Beside the completed upload check for a Warning. If a warning is present, click it to see the documents that were detected as duplicates. Duplicate documents exist in this upload and were not uploaded.

Check to see if you’ve uploaded a new version

As in step 3, bring up the Docexchange and instead of a Warning, check your upload for any new versions. Firmex creates a new version of a document when it detects a document with the same file name in the same folder, but with new data in the document. Learn more about Document Versions

Check the header to see if the document is there

The header, or root, of the data room accepts documents as well as folders. Check to see if you accidentally uploaded the document to the header. The header may be called Due Diligence, Document Sharing, or something similar, but it can be found in the same place – beneath the documents tab, above the Quick View filter. If the document is there, you may move the document to a new location. 

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