What is Email In and why should I use it?


Email In allows Firmex contributors or higher the ability to email attachments to the folder of their choice using a unique email address.

Email In supports:

  • Emailing attachments to the data room
  • Emailing attachments to multiple folders in the data room
  • Forwarding of emails containing attachments from any device, including mobile
  • Composing of new emails containing attachments from any device, include mobile

Why would I use this?

There are many scenarios where a user wants to quickly upload a file to Firmex without accessing the web application. Many users are mobile and don’t have access to a computer with a full featured browser or are collaborating on documents via email and want to quickly upload these files to Firmex.

Using Email In, Firmex users can upload documents to the data room using an interface that is familiar and accessible to them – email –  while combining the speed, ease, and security of a data room.


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