I see an error when trying to view or redact a PDF file

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When you try to open a PDF document from the data room, you receive the following error:

The server cannot respond to your request. Error code: 5. Sorry, the document is not available at this time. It may have been protected or encrypted: replace with an unprotected document and try again.

Or, when you try to redact a document, you receive the following error:


This error occurs due to a corrupt or encrypted PDF document. The document may have become corrupt at the time of upload, or at the time of the document’s production.

Typically, the only users who experience this issue are users who have Document Protection options enabled. For this reason, an Administrator accessing the same file as a guest user will not see an error code 5. Nonetheless, the document is corrupt and cannot be viewed or redacted.


Contact the project’s Administrator or Firmex Support

The document is encrypted or corrupt and must be re-uploaded by the project Administrator. Contact Firmex Support and we can confirm that the document is corrupt and contact the Administrator with instructions.

Remove the corrupt document, re-print to PDF, and re-upload

The document must be removed from the data room, re-printed to PDF, and then re-uploaded back to the data room.

    1. Open the original PDF document in Adobe Acrobat.
    2. Click File > Print.
    3. Select a PDF Printer and re-print the document.

This “flattens” the PDF and should remove the issue that was causing the PDF to become corrupt. Re-upload the re-printed PDF to the data room.

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