Is there an upload file size limit?


Although there isn't a definitive maximum upload size for Firmex, there are best practices to ensure your data is uploaded smoothly, as well as giving your users the best experience while downloading.

Upload Recommendations

We recommend uploading individual files that are under 5 gigabytes (GB). If you are doing a bulk upload of multiple documents at the same time, consider limiting them to 10 GB or 10,000 documents at once (whichever is largest).

Documents being uploaded should be located on your local hard drive (e.g. C:\drive) rather than a shared network drive. This will maximize upload speed and minimize the possibility of disruptions.

Please see this article on how to upload into Firmex.

Note: Administrators may want to check the storage allowance on their account before uploading large amounts of data. Please reach out to your Account Manager or contact Firmex Support.

Organizing your data for downloading (for Administrators)

If your project is over 10GB in size and you are allowing your users to bulk download, we recommend organizing your data to limit the size of each directory to 10GB. This will ensure your users have a smooth experience when downloading the data.

Please contact support to talk about organizing your data room with large amounts of data, and we'll be happy to show you all the best practices.

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