The zip file method of downloading allows you to bulk download documents in Firmex. After you request the download, Firmex compiles the content into one or more zip files, then you will be sent an email with links to the download.

Required Software

For downloads over 5GB in size, the following software is required:

Windows: WinZipWinRAR, or PKZip

Mac: The Unarchiver or Winzip for Mac


How to do a Zip File download

Note: You can download the entire project by right-clicking the top-most folder. This download may be very large - consider downloading the project in parts (10 GB Maximum) by downloading subfolders instead.

  1. Right-click the folder you want to download. Then, select Download.
    Review the Download Options and click Request ZIP File.
  2. Firmex is processing your bulk download. Leave the DocExchange window open and let the status bar reach a status of Complete. If you receive a warning message, please see troubleshooting below.

  3. Once the DocExchange reaches a status of Complete, you may click the bulk download link directly from the DocExchange. Alternatively, Firmex will send you an email containing your bulk download link. In the email, click the link “Part 1 of 1” and download the .zip file to your computer. If the DocExchange or email contains multiple parts, download all of the parts to a single folder on your computer.
  4. (For downloads containing 1 part)
    Once the file is downloaded, right-click the .zip file and choose Extract All (this wording may change if you have WinRar or WinZip installed). Follow the Windows instructions to extract the file to a location of your choice.
  5. (For downloads containing multiple parts, first install WinZipWinRAR, or PKZip)
    Once all of the parts are downloaded to a single folder on your computer, you will see one .zip file and multiple .z01, .z02, etc. files. Right-click the .zip file and choose WinZip > Extract to here (if you’ve installed WinRAR or PKZip, the wording may be slightly different). WinZip extracts the contents of the .zip file as well as the .z01, .z02, etc. files. Please refer to this article for additional instructions.
  6. The extracted content contains an interactive web-page of your project, and a folder structure containing your project’s documents. Both may be copied to a DVD or USB for backup purposes.

Need help troubleshooting download warnings? See our Download Troubleshooting article.


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