How do I recover deleted documents?

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Recovery fees may apply depending on your Firmex site’s data retention policy, as well as the scope and complexity of the data recovery.

Depending on your Firmex site’s Document Retention Policy (DRP), Firmex Client Services may be able to recover your deleted documents. To do so, contact our Firmex Support team and have the following information available:

  • Your Firmex site address (e.g.
  • The name of the project where the documents were deleted
  • An export of the Document Activity Report containing the “Deleted Documents” activity type. The report will show the exact location of the deleted documents, as well as the date and time the documents were deleted.

The default Document Retention Policy (DRP) for Firmex transaction clients is 90 days. Firmex subscription clients can choose from one of three DRP options.

Subscription clients, three potential timeframes

A DRP defines how Firmex handles data in your data room after it’s been deleted. A DRP only applies to Subscription clients, and was chosen for your Firmex site by your site’s main contact.

There are three data retention options available:

  • 90 Days: This is our default policy. Documents deleted from the data room will be permanently deleted after 90 days from the date of deletion. Deleted documents can be recovered within 90 days of deletion (for a fee), but after 90 days the documents cannot be recovered.
  • Keep Forever: Documents deleted from the data room will never be permanently deleted and can be recovered upon request at any time. Fees may apply.
  • Delete Immediately: Documents deleted from the data room will be deleted immediately and cannot be recovered.

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