Virus detection on documents

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You uploaded a document and it was Set Offline and shows a warning icon or has disappeared from your view.



Firmex virus detection scans documents uploaded by Content Administrators, Contributors or Managers for viruses. Once a virus is detected, the document's Document Type icon will change to a warning icon in the Document Type column, the document will be Set Offline and a message indicating that "A virus has been detected on this file" will appear in the Document Details Pane to the right of the Documents tab.


If you are a Content Administrator

If you have uploaded a virus infected document, once scanned by Firmex the file will be set Offline making it only viewable to Content Administrators. As an Administrator you now have the option to:

  1. download the document to evaluate it
  2. set it Online to allow other users to access the document
  3. delete the document

If you are not a Content Administrator

If you are not a Content Administrator and have recently uploaded a document that disappeared following the upload it may be because it contains a virus and has been Set Offline. If this happens you will need to contact your project Administrator.

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