What is the Firmex Viewer?

The Firmex Viewer is an in-browser viewer that enables the review of common document types without the need to install plug-ins or native software applications. The Viewer supports a wide variety of document protection options including a watermark, automatic document expiry, disabling of printing, and the copying of text.

What are its advantages?

The Firmex Viewer is especially helpful for users with tight security restrictions that prevent them from installing third-party plug-ins, and users using tablets and mobile devices. The Firmex Viewer speeds up the document review process, while keeping your documents secure.

Why would I disable the Firmex Viewer?

The Firmex Viewer displays Excel documents and other spreadsheets in-browser, but some users prefer to view spreadsheets in their native format and application, specifically Microsoft Excel. Viewing the spreadsheet in Excel will display sheets separately, as well as showing formulas used in cells.

How do I disable the Firmex Viewer?

To disable the Firmex Viewer:

  1. Go to the project’s Settings > Document Protection tab.
  2. Uncheck the Enable Firmex Viewer checkbox.
  3. Click Save Changes.

Note: If a user has the “Disable Save” document protection option enabled, documents will open in the Firmex Viewer by default.

Can I enable the Firmex Viewer and still let users download Excel documents?

Yes. To do so, uncheck the “Disable Save” document protection option, while keeping the Firmex Viewer enabled. When users click a document, it will first open in the Fimrex Viewer. Users will then have the option to download the document to their computer in its native format, at which point the plug-ins may be involved.

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