How do I reset a password? Where is the login page? How do I bulk download? Is there a table of contents?

I don’t see a download button


I don’t see a download button, but I would like to download documents and folders to my computer.


The project’s administrator has blocked your ability to download documents from the project. The ability to download individual documents may be blocked, and the ability to bulk download documents may be blocked.


Contact the project’s administrator

Contact the project’s administrator to request the ability to download documents, bulk download documents, or both (How to enable the bulk download option).

Check to see if you have permission to download documents

  1. From the Documents tab, click a document. It should open in the Firmex Viewer.

At the top-right corner of the Firmex Viewer, do you see a download button? If so, you can download the document to your computer. If not, you can only review documents online.

If you are allowed to download one document, check to see if you have permission to bulk download documents

  1. From the Documents tab, right-click the folder you would like to download.
  2. Do you see the Download option? If so, you can download multiple documents to your computer at once. If not, you can only download one document at a time through the Firmex Viewer.

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