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Upload Documents - Email In Setup and Use

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Email In allows Firmex contributors or higher the ability to email attachments to the folder of their choice using a unique email address.

Email In supports:

  • Emailing attachments to the data room
  • Emailing attachments to multiple folders in the data room
  • Forwarding of emails containing attachments from any device, including mobile
  • Composing of new emails containing attachments from any device, include mobile

Why would I use this?

There are many scenarios where a user wants to quickly upload a file to Firmex without accessing the web application. Many users are mobile and don’t have access to a computer with a full featured browser or are collaborating on documents via email and want to quickly upload these files to Firmex.

Using Email In, Firmex users can upload documents to the data room using an interface that is familiar and accessible to them – email –  while combining the speed, ease, and security of a data room.

How to set up Email In

Email In is available for both new and existing projects, for new and existing folders.
To get an email address for a folder in the project:

  1. Right-click a folder and select Edit Details.
  2. In the Edit Details window, select Email Attachments to Folder

  3. Firmex generates a unique email address for the selected folder with the following form:

    [8 random alpha characters]-[project number]@[site url].email

    If desired, the creator of the address may modify the “8 random alpha characters” component of the address to provide relevance to the address. To do so, click the pencil icon to the right of the address field. A maximum of 15 characters can be filled in this area.

  4. Click the Save button to activate the email.

    At this time, it may be useful to copy the folder’s email address by using your mouse to select the address, right-clicking the selection, and selecting Copy.

    This process may be repeated for multiple folders in the project. However, each folder’s email address must be unique.


How to email in or forward in a document

First, obtain an email address to a Firmex folder. This address will be given to you by the project’s administrator.

Then, compose a new email and enter the folder’s address in the To field (e.g. You may include more than one folder addresses in the To field, in which case the attachments will be uploaded to multiple folders.

The subject and body of the email will be ignored. You may leave them blank.

Attach a document, or multiple documents, to the email. Then, click Send.

The attachment will be uploaded to the linked folder whose email address you have entered.

When the upload is complete, you will receive an email confirmation.

If the upload did not complete successfully, you will receive an email with the details of the upload.

How do I forward an email with an attachment to Firmex?

If you have been sent an email containing an attachment, you may forward that email to a Firmex folder using the steps above. In your email application, select the email you want to forward, press the Forward button, enter the folder’s email address in the To field, and click Send. The attachment will be uploaded as a document to the linked folder.

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