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Now available upon request, your Firmex site can be used in both French and English. Language preference is set by each user for their own experience across the entire Firmex site.

How do I enable language preference/localization?

Contact your account representative or Firmex Support and we will be happy to turn on language preferences for your site.

How can users choose to view Firmex in French?

Once localization is enabled, your users will see a English / Francais button at the bottom of the login screen. Choosing a language will change the user’s language setting of the site going forward. Users may also choose the language from their personal preferences menu.


Can the initial invitation email be sent in French?

If French is enabled for your site, when inviting a user to a project, you may select the user's language preference from the Language pull-down. Selecting French will present the user with the invitation email in French, a French Firmex welcome screen (when available), and a French Firmex interface. 

What is translated to French?

The Firmex-generated content of the site (e.g. menu headings, toolbars, emails) will be presented in French. User-generated content (e.g. documents, folder names, welcome messages) will be presented in the language entered by the administrator. 

The Firmex welcome screen may be presented in French, as well as system generated user emails.

How do I enter French project terminology

The French translation of project-related terminology (e.g. Index, Due Diligence, Deal Room) may be modified by a project Administrator. To do so:

  1. In your project, click the Settings tab.
  2. Click the Terminology tab.
  3. The English terminology is shown. Click the French tab to modify the French terminology.
  4. Click Save Changes.

Users who have chosen to view Firmex in French will see the French language terminology.

Note:  Firmex will continue to provide Training, Support, and the Firmex Knowledge Base in English. Some Firmex reports and exports will contain English.


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