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Warning Message: "The destination folder path is too long"

If you see this message, it's because the combined folder and file path is too long to be compiled into a zip file due to your computer's limitations. Please try the following to resolve the error:

  • Exclude numbering in the Request Zip File screen

  • Break up the download into smaller pieces by downloading at a deeper level in your folder structure


Warning Message: "An identical download request is being processed. Please submit another request after it has been completed"

If you receive this message, it's because you've already requested an identical download that is currently being compiled into zip format. The progress of your zip files will be shown in a separate window called the DocExchange. If you are not able to see the DocExchange window, it may be blocked by your browser's pop-up blocker. To manually open the window, click the open in new window icon at the bottom right of Firmex.

Once the zip file process has been completed, you will be given links to download the files in the DocExchange window. If you have more than one part to download, follow the directions on how to handle multi-part zip files.

If you have any other questions please contact Firmex support.

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