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Table of contents & data room index

A directory listing lists every document and folder in the data room. It can be run for the entire project, or at the folder level.

The listing may be printed to PDF or exported to Excel.

Listing for the entire project

  1. In the Documents tab, on the left hand side, click the Document Sharing or Due Diligence heading.
  2. From the middle pane, click Export Directory for the Excel listing or Print Directory for the printed listing.
    Note: The word “Directory” may be replaced by “Index” or “Listing”.

Listing for a folder

  1. In the Documents tab, click the folder for which you want to run the listing.
  2. If there are no documents in the folder, from the middle pane, click Export Directory or Print Directory.
  3. If there are documents in the folder, click the buttons below to access the directory listings

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