A project is the foundation of your Firmex site. It is the first thing you create - the shell where documents and users live. You need to be a Site Contributor or Administrator in order to add a new project. The steps below explain how to create a new Firmex project.

You may set and edit the following project settings:

  • Project Type: The type of project you are creating. This doesn't change the behaviour of the project in any way, it only changes the navigation labels that get applied. For example, the "M&A" Project Type will uses the labels "Due Diligence”, while the “System Template” Project Type uses the label “Document Sharing” for the same feature. You may modify these labels by clicking the Terminology tab.

  • Project Name: The name of the project. 

  • Contact Name & Email: The name and email of the person who is best able to answer questions regarding the project. While Firmex handles technical questions, this person will handle questions relating to the documents and the nature of the deal. Each project may only have one contact name.

  • Bounce-back Email (optional): Your project sends out invitation emails and new document activity emails. If these emails bounce back, for example, because of a wrong email address, the bounce back email address you enter will receive these warnings. Leaving this field blank will direct the bounced emails to the site administrator.

  • Status: Set the project’s status to determine a project's visibility and access. Projects are typically set to Online to allow users to access the project, or to Admin Access to block users from logging in:
    • Online: The project is active and viewable to all users. All users with access to the project may enter it. Document activity notification, if enabled, will send out emails to all users. 
    • Offline Admin Access: Only administrators may see the project and enter it. The project cannot be seen by users who are not administrators. Document activity notification, if enabled, will send out emails to project administrators.
    • Online Admin Access: Only administrators may enter the project. The project is viewable to all users. Document activity notification, if enabled, will send out emails to project administrators. 
    • Archive: Setting the project to Archive will make the project unavailable to everyone except Site Administrators. The project will be unavailable to project users and administrators. 
    • Training: The project is for training purposes only.

  • Numbering Setting: Firmex can automatically number folders and sub-folders in a directory according to the schema specified by the project’s administrator. Firmex’s automatic numbering will appear in front of the folder name according to the schema specified. Automatic numbering may be turned on or off for the entire project, and may be turned on and off at each directory. The schema used may be different at each directory. Folders may also be auto-arranged alphabetically, in which case Firmex’s numbering-scheme will be turned off.
    • Automatic Numbering automatically numbers each folder in a directory using the numbering scheme specified in the Numbering Scheme field.
    • Hide Numbering and manually order turns off Firmex’s auto-numbering and allows you to manually order folders in a directory.
    • Hide Numbering and auto-order alphabetically turns off Firmex’s auto-numbering and automatically arranges folders alphabetically.

  • Numbering Schema: If Automatic Numbering is selected, enter the way you would like folders to be numbered. You may choose from the characters A, AA, a, aa, I, i, 1 and from the dividers  . , – ) } ]

    For example:

  • Upload Disclaimer Statement (optional): Upload a disclaimer statement from your hard drive if you’d like all the project users to read a disclaimer statement the first time they log into the project. The user will be presented with two options – Agree or Disagree. If the user agrees to the disclaimer statement they may log in. Disagreeing to the statement will deny the user access to the project.
    • Display every time a user enters the Project: Select to display the disclaimer every time a user enters the project.

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