Guest projects - Allowing guests to add users to a project

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What is a guest project?

A guest project is a Firmex project that does not reveal your site's list of users to the project's Administrator. Instead, to add users, the project's administrator has to either manually enter each user's email address, or import a list of users from a spreadsheet.

Why run a guest project?

Hiding your site's user list from Administrators maintains your company's ethical firewall. This may be between offices and departments, or when inviting someone from outside your company to administer a project. 

A guest project hides the list of site users while still allowing guests that have a Project Role of Administrator to add users to a project by user's email address or import users via spreadsheet, instead of browsing the site's list of clients.

How to run a guest project

You must have a Project Role of Administrator to turn an existing project in to a guest project.

  1. From the top-left corner, click your site logo to get to the Project list.
  2. Hover your mouse over the project name that you'd like to run as a guest project. Then, click the project's context menu.
  3. Select Set as Guest Project and accept the prompt.
  4. The project is now being run as a guest project.

You may reverse these steps to revert the project back to a standard project.

Enable guest project by default

To enable Guest Projects as a default:

  1. Log in to your Firmex site.
  2. Click your site logo to get to the Project List.
  3. Click the Settings > Options tab.
  4. Select Create new Projects as Guest Projects.
  5. Click Save Changes.

Once the setting is enabled, any new project that is created will behave as a Guest Project. You may revert the project back to a standard project through the Project List.


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