Copy Project gives Project Administrators the ability to copy an existing project - including all of the project’s folders, documents, users, permissions, and settings - to a new project. In addition to cutting down the amount of time you spend on repetitive project creation tasks, Copy Project reduces your risk when setting permissions. This function is reserved for Site Contributors and Site Administrators.

Uses and Applications

Template Projects
For sites that have many similar projects being created, an administrator may create a template project that is customized for a specific use case, with pre-built folders, project-specific terminology, and pre-defined groups. When a new project needs to be created, the appropriate template project is copied, cutting down the amount of time required to create, copy, and customize the new project.

Keep template projects in Offline Admin Access status to prevent non-administrators from accessing them.


Pre-Defined Groups
While every project is unique, some projects share common permissions. With Copy Project, you can pre-set those group permissions, making it easy to know that group permissions are set correctly when new projects are started.

For example, most M&A projects have a Buyer Group and an Advisor Group. Create those groups ahead of time in your template project and pre-set their permissions. When it comes time to create a new M&A project, copy the template project. Now the administrator’s task is simply to add users to the correct groups, rather than creating and defining the groups and their permissions.


Copy Project Steps

We suggest a three step approach to copying projects:

  1. Copy the project
  2. Clean-up and Check
  3. Make it live


When a project is copied, its status is set to Offline Admin Access. This means that only administrators may see and access the project while it is being set up.

Clean-up and check

Enter the copied project and review the copied data. Pay special attention to copied documents, folders, and users. Modify the Project Settings, paying attention to the project name, main contact, and disclaimer (if present).

Use the View-As tool to double check your group permissions.

Even though every user is copied from the source project, users without a Project Role of Administrator cannot see or access the project while it is in Offline Admin Access status. Remove users from the project and check your permissions before changing the status to Online.

Make it live

Once you have reviewed the project, change its status to Online and invite users to it.


What gets copied?

  • Non-Disclosure Agreement (if present)
  • Project Settings
  • Groups & Users
  • Folders and their permissions
  • Documents and versions (optional)
  • Project Terminology
  • Email In (folders receive a new email-in address)
  • Tags, comments
  • Q&A

Who can copy projects?
Project Administrators who are also Site Contributors or Site Administrators may use Copy Project.

What will my new project's reports look like?

User activity is not copied. The only project activity in the new project are the copied documents, which appear as being copied on the date the project was copied, by the user who performed the copy.

Where is my copied project?

Copied projects appear in the Project List. Try refreshing your Project List after performing a Copy Project.

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