Freezing your Firmex Data Room

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Sometimes, at the end of a deal or project's lifecycle, you need to freeze it. The term "freeze" is used by different parties to mean different things, so we have broken out the options below.

Restricting Access 

If you'd like to restrict access to all non-Administrator users, you can simply update the Project Status.

If you'd like to restrict access to all users, but still keep the data hosted on Firmex, speak to your Sales Representative (for Transaction plans). If you are on an Annual Subscription, speak to your Site Administrator so that they can archive the project.

Preventing Further Changes

If you would like to ensure that no further modifications to the data room are made while retaining all user access, the Firmex Support team can assist.

The first phase of this process involves a Project Administrator downgrading all groups to Viewer, and then second phase involves Firmex Support downgrading the main Administrator group. Once checked and confirmed that the project is frozen, we can also provide a comfort letter including the date and time of the freeze.

To get started and receive a full list of steps, please submit a ticket or send an email to requesting a project freeze.



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