Smart upload with folder merge

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What is Smart Upload with Folder Merge?

Smart Upload with Folder Merge allows you to upload folders and subfolders to Firmex multiple times without creating duplicates. When a folder is uploaded to a location where a folder already exists with the same name, the folder contents will be merged. The documents in the uploaded folder will be added into the existing folder, and versioned if appropriate. Smart Upload checks for identical content and ensures that documents are not needlessly duplicated or versioned.

Why would I use this?

Keeping a “master copy” of folders and documents up-to-date in Firmex is now very easy - contributors just drag and drop an entire folder structure from a computer to Firmex and the system automatically determines what’s new, what’s updated and what’s a duplicate.


How do I know that a Merge operation happened?

When folders are uploaded, the DocExchange window will show the results of a completed upload including the counts of:

  • New files uploaded
  • Versions
  • Merges
  • Warnings  (including documents not uploaded because of duplicates found)

Will Firmex delete a document from the data room if the document is deleted from my computer? 

Firmex does not automatically delete documents if they are not included in the latest upload.

Can I select whether folders will merge or "dedupe"?

No, Merging is a standard function on upload actions, except when there are restrictions on the target folders due to permissions or offline state. 

Will DocExchange allow me to see what folders have merged?

No, currently Firmex will only provide a count of the folders that have merged. In a future release we anticipate providing a list of folders and their locations that have merged to provide the content contributor with additional relevant information.

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