Firmex Project Administrators and Managers can choose to activate or deactivate Encrypted Documents Options in projects where one or more groups have Firmex Document Protection Options applied. This option determines whether encrypted documents can be downloaded if Firmex Document protection cannot be applied, providing better control over these documents.

What is an Encrypted Document?

An Encrypted Document is a document (PDF, Office file, etc.) that has been previously protected from unauthorized viewing, and/or modifying before being uploaded into Firmex. Examples of common document encryption include Password Protection, documents set to Read Only or documents with Restricted Editing.

How do I tell if a document is Encrypted?

There are two indicators in Firmex that show if a Document is Encrypted:

  1. If you have a document selected, the details area on the right of the screen will show a message indicating that the document is Encrypted.
  2. If a document has Firmex Document Protection Options applied to it and downloading of Encrypted Documents is disabled, a small lock icon will appear over the document type icon.

You may also find a full list of documents that Firmex has flagged as encrypted by generating the following report:

  1. Select the tools icon at top right > View As
  2. Select any group on the right
  3. Select the Excel icon at top right > Export Access Report
  4. The last column in the report will show 'Yes' for encrypted documents

What are the advantages of enabling Encrypted Document Options?

Firmex can detect if a document was uploaded to a dataroom that already had encryption or protection applied. If this is the case, Firmex cannot apply Document Protection Options. By activating Encrypted Document Options it allows the downloading of encrypted files without Firmex Document Protection.

Why would I disable Encrypted Document Options?

To ensure that encrypted documents are not downloaded without applying Firmex Document Protection, you can disable the Encrypted Downloads option. Users with Document Protection enabled will not be able to view or download encrypted documents, and a lock symbol will appear over the File Type icon next to the document name.

How do I disable downloading of Encrypted Documents?

By default, the Encrypted Downloads option is active, allowing users to download encrypted files without Firmex Document Protection.

To disable downloading of encrypted documents: 

  1. Go to your project’s Settings tab > Document Protection category.
  2. Uncheck the Encrypted Downloads.
  3. Click Save Changes.



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