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Project status

What is a project status and why should I use it?

A project status determines a project’s visibility and behaviour – who can see the project, who can access the project, and what emails get sent from the project. Think of project status as a master cut-off valve to your project – it lets the administrator control the project with the switch of one button.

Firmex customers typically keep a project in Admin Access (online or offline) status at the start of a project to ensure that no emails are sent to non-Administrators, and to ensure that users cannot log in. Once the project has been checked over, the project’s status is switched to Online and users are invited.

What does a project status control?

A project’s status controls the following:

  • Whether a project is accessible to non-Administrators
  • Whether a project is visible to non-Administrators
  • Whether a project sends out document notification emails to non-Administrators

Who can change a project status?

Project users with a project role of Manager and Administrator can change a project’s status.

What are the different project statuses?

There are five project statuses:

  • Training
    Identifies a project as a Training project. Still visible to non-Administrators.
  • Online
    The default project status. The project is open to both Administrators and non-Administrators. New document activity emails are sent to all users.
  • Offline Admin Access
    The project is only visible to Administrator users. Non-Administrators cannot see the project and do not receive new document activity email notifications from the project.
  • Online Admin Access
    Non-Administrators can see the project, but cannot access the project. Non-Administrators do not receive new document activity email notifications from the project.
  • Archive
    Project is not visible or accessible to both Administrators and non-Administrators. Firmex Client Services is required to access the project.

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