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Options screen

  • Document Activity Notification: Select the checkbox to send out email notifications to users when new documents are uploaded to a folder structure. The frequency of these emails is determined when you are setting up a user. Unselect the checkbox to turn document email notification off. If this option is off no one will receive new document email notifications.

  • Bulk Download: Bulk download allows your users to download all the documents in a project, or parts of a project, with a single click. Users will only be able to download files to which they have access. Set this option to On to allow bulk downloading. Set this option to Off to turn off bulk downloading.
    Note: When a new project is created, the Administrator and Support groups have bulk download enabled by default.

  • Firmex Support: Select this option to show Firmex Support activity in your project reports. Regardless of this setting, all user activity is logged, including actions taken by Firmex for support purposes. 

  • Comments + Tags: Comments and tags are enabled or disabled using the checkboxes next to the Comments and Tags checkboxes. If commenting is enabled, indicate which user roles should be able to View comments, Add comments, and Edit comments. If tagging is enabled, indicate which user roles should be able to View and Edit tags.
    In a highly confidential project, you may only want to only allow Administrators to comment, or you may want to turn off commenting entirely.

  • Column Display: Indicate which columns you would like to be displayed by default in the Document pane. In a highly confidential project, you may want to remove the Document Number field, in case documents are being hidden, and the ‘Modified By’ field, to keep the names of document uploaders anonymous.

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