Q&A Setup - Categories, Instructions, and Options

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In Step 3, set up your Q&A Options. You may change these options at any time during your project by returning to this step.

Question Categories

Firmex takes all of your existing indexes and turns them into Categories. Offline directories and directories that certain users cannot see may also be made into categories.

When the question group submits a question, they may assign a category to the question. Firmex suggests categories based on your folder structure. You may manually add or remove categories. A buyer may choose from one of these categories when asking a question - they cannot add their own category.

Question Instructions

You may manually enter instructions that are displayed every time a buyer asks a question. By default the instructions are:

Note that this is a text-only field that cannot control any Q&A parameter.


  • Require Answer Coordinator to manually submit answer to Question group after approval
    This option is only relevant when there is an Approver in place.
    If this box is checked, after an Approver approves an answer, the Approved Answer is passed back to the Answer Coordinator, who then has to manually publish the approved answer.
    If the checkbox is unchecked, the approved answer is published directly to the Question Group. There is no need to pass through the Answer Coordinator.
  • By default, share all answers with all Question groups
    By checking this checkbox, by default your answer will be sent to all the question groups and will have the “Public” label next to it. You will have to override this option on a question-by-question basis in order to send an answer only to the group that asked the question.
  • Hide Question Submitter details from Answer Coordinator
    If this box is checked, the question submitters' names and company details will be hidden from the Answer Group. If this box is unchecked, the question submitters' details will be shown to the Answer Group.

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