Q&A Setup - Email Settings & Activating Q&A

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By default, each Question group is Inactive, meaning they will not see the Q&A tab, they will not be able to ask questions or receive answers, and they will not receive Q&A emails.

This feature helps you to set up the Q&A at your own pace without having to notify users before going live.

To activate a group, that is, to start Q&A, change each group’s status to Active.


You may also set a group's status to Read Only so that the group is able to view existing answers and receive answers to outstanding questions, but can not ask any new questions. You may want to set a group’s status to Read Only once the Q&A session is complete.

Set a group to Inactive when they are no longer a part of the Q&A process. This will hide the Q&A tab from them.


When there is new Q&A activity, how frequently should the members of a Q&A group be notified?

Task emails are immediate email notifications delivered to users to notify them of a new task for them or that action has been taken on a question and help keep up the momentum in the conversation.

Email Digests are summaries of activity in Q&A relevant to the group or role of users. By default, Firmex will send out digests every hour whenever there is new Q&A activity. You can change the frequency of task and email digests by group or turn them off altogether.

When you are ready to proceed, click the Submit button. Q&A is now set up.

Note: As email frequency can only be set up on the group level, we suggest turning task emails off but keeping the digests on unless there it is necessary for users to be notified immediately of every Q&A activity.

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