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Creating Answer Groups

In Step 2 you will assign users to the Answer group. It works the same way as assigning users to the Question group.


The only required role is Answer Coordinator. Experts and Approvers are optional roles.

Drag-and-drop users to their roles. There are three roles to choose from:

  • The Answer Coordinator (AC) is the gatekeeper for all incoming questions and outgoing answers. All questions come through the AC, and all answers leave through the AC. 
  • Experts can propose answers, but not directly submit answers back to the question groups. Experts can see all submitted questions and answers in progress. An AC can assign questions to an Expert.
  • An Approver must approve all answers before they are submitted back to the question group. If an Approver is present, the workflow is as follows: A question comes in to the AC. The AC can either answer the question themselves or pass it to an Expert. The AC then passes the answer to the Approver to either 'approve' or 'reject' (if rejected, there is a field for an internal comment). Once approved, the question then gets published back to the Question Groups.


Managing Answer Groups

  • To switch a user’s role, drag-and-drop them to a different role or group.
  • To remove a user from a group, or from the Q&A entirely, click the X button next to the user you want to remove.
  • You may move yourself from one role to another

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