Adding users to a group

Once groups have been set up, you may add users to those groups. Users will inherit the group's permission. You may add users to a group manually (by entering the user's details); by importing a spreadsheet of users; or by moving a user to a group from the Unassigned Users group.

See our guide to creating Groups in Firmex

To add users to a group

  1. In Firmex, click Groups & Users.
  2. On the left side of the Groups & Users page, click the group name to which you would like to add users.
  3. Click Add Users.

Step 1 - Select Users

In this step, select the users to add to the group. You may select from existing site users, create new users, or import users via spreadsheet.

    1. To select existing users
      1. Type in the user’s first or last name in the Search for Users and Companies field. The grid will update with users matching the results.
      2. Select the users you want to add using the checkboxes and click the blue arrow to add the users to the group. Alternatively, you may drag-and-drop users to the grid on the right side of the screen.
    2. To create new users
      1. Click Create New.
      2. Enter the required information and click the blue arrow to add the user to the group.
    3. To import users
      1. Click Import.
      2. Click Download Template to download the user import template.
      3. Fill out and save the template, as instructed in the Instructions sheet.
        Note: Columns with an Asterisk (*) are required fields
      4. When the spreadsheet is filled out, Browse to it, and once it is selected, click the blue arrow to import the users to the group.


Step 2 - Set Notifications

In this step, set the user’s email notification frequency. Users will be notified when new documents are uploaded at the frequency you select. Users may adjust their own email notification frequency once they are logged in. Then, select whether the user should be granted access now, or later, and whether the user should receive an invitation to the project now, or later.

  • To set a user’s email notification frequency
    Select the new document notification frequency using one of the radio buttons, and if applicable, select a time of day using the pull-down. Daily emails at 9:00AM in the administrator's time zone is the default. As an example, if the administrator is in the Eastern time zone, and sets the user's notification time to be 9AM Eastern, Firmex will send an email to users in the Eastern time zone at 9AM, but it will send that same email to users in the Pacific time zone earlier in the day (e.g. 6AM), and to users in the Greenwich time zone at 2PM.

    Note: Be careful of selecting a frequency of Immediate, as one email per uploaded document will be sent to each user. Each of the other frequencies will send a summary email containing a maximum of 100 documents listed per email. Only one digest email will be sent, with a link to 'View all new documents'.


  • To grant access or invite a user
    Select whether to Grant Access, Send Invite, or both, using the checkboxes. If you select Send Invite, after the last step you will have the option to customize and send the invitation to the selected users. If you choose not to select Send Invite, you may invite the users later.


Step 3 - Review

Review the user’s settings, go back to a step if modification is needed, and click Submit to complete.

Customize invitation and send email

If you have chosen to invite the users now, you may customize your invitation email. By default, the email contains the user’s username and password, as well as a link to the project.
Note: If you are inviting multiple users, the users will not see each other in the invitation email.

To grant access and send an invitation email at a later time

Note: Sending users an invitation to a project will - at the same time - grant access to the invited users.

  1. In Firmex, click Groups & Users.
  2. On the left side of the Groups & Users page, click the group name containing the users you want to invite. Alternatively, click All Users and find the users you want to invite.
  3. Click the envelope icon next to the user you want to invite. Alternatively, to invite more than one user at a time, select the users you want to invite using the checkboxes and click Manage Users > Send Invitations.


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