Offline documents and folders are content in a live project that is only available to Content Administrators. Content can either be uploaded in an offline state, or set offline once it is in the data room.  

When are offline documents useful?

The most common use cases for offline content are:

  1. Suppressing notifications: If Administrators would like to upload content ‘silently’, the Set Offline checkbox (bottom left) in your upload options can be selected to upload the content offline. Please note that setting the content online will not trigger a notification. (See this article for guidance on triggering manual notifications: Notify users regarding documents via email)


  2. Staging: If Administrators would like to get a secondary area of the data room ready for the next stage of their process (ie. post-LOI, secondary diligence, special requests, etc), offline folders are an easy way to work privately within your live deal.


To set existing content offline, simply click the drop-down menu next to it and select Set Offline.


Important Notes

  • If a folder is offline, anything that is uploaded into that folder will automatically also be offline.
  • The ‘Date Added’ does not update to reflect the date that users had been given access to the content - it will continue to show the original upload date.
  • Notifications are not automatically generated when content is put online. 

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