Reports, listings, and Quick Views are tools that are available to project managers and administrators. They provide an overview of the project's structure, and analytics about the project's activity.

Reports answer the following questions:

  • Which company or group has logged in, and which one hasn't?
  • Which company or group is showing interest in the tax documentation?
  • When did I invite a user to the project?

Listings provide the following:

  • Show me all of the documents and folders in the Financials folder
  • Show me all of the documents and folders in the project
  • Provide me with a link to all of the documents and folders in the project

Quick Views list the following:

  • How many documents are in the project?
  • Show me all of the documents arranged by their upload date
  • Show me all of the documents with a content status of "Draft"


How do I access reports?

Access the Administrator reports by clicking the Reports tab.

What is the Dashboard?

The Dashboard displays four standard reports and displays activity over the last 7 days. The reports displayed on the Dashboard cannot be customized. You may click the reports to drill-down further.

Group/Company reports vs. User reports?

Most reports provide data on groups/companies, or users:

  • By User reports list activities for each individual user in the project.
    e.g. User A has logged in for a total of 10 minutes.
  • By Group/Company reports summarize activities for an entire group or company.
    e.g. All the users from Company A have logged in for a total of 100 minutes.

In what time zone is report activity displayed?

By default, Firmex detects and displays your own time zone based on your location. This means that any time you see a time zone in the product - whether in a report, a watermark, or an 'upload date' column - you can be certain that you are seeing the date in your own time zone.   

Document activity vs. User activity

Reports can generally be divided in to two categories - Document related reports, and user related reports. Document related reports generally answer questions related to documents, while user related reports generally answer questions relating to users.

Can I drill down in to reports?

Reports containing graphs and charts contain drill-down capability. Click a section of the graph or chart to drill down further.

Can I filter reports?

Report filters can be found at the top of each report. Each report contains its own filters, but Company, Activity Type and Date Range are filters that can be found for all reports. Once you have selected your filters, click Run Report to update the report results.

Can I export reports to Excel?

To export a report to Excel, click the Export to Excel button.


Document and folder listings are similar to a Table of Contents for your project. They are available to every user, not just Administrators. To learn more, please see the Table of contents & data room index article.

Quick Views

A Quick View is a listing of documents and folders in the data room. Quick Views may be sorted and filtered, giving you quick access to the information you want to see.


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