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The Approver's role is to address each answer that has been drafted by the Answer team. 

Approver filters



The To Approve filter shows all answers awaiting your approval.

The In Progress filter shows questions that have been submitted and are in the progress of being answered by the Answer Coordinators and Experts.

To see all of the questions and answers, in All Statuses, click Reset Filters.

Approving an Answer

To approve an answer, select the title and review the details. If you are happy with the proposed answer, click Approve and the question will be returned to the Answer Coordinator to be submitted to the Question side.

Depending on the options selected in Q&A Settings, you may have the option to make the questions public to all Question Groups or send the answer to the Question Group that asked the question.

Rejecting an Answer

To reject an answer, click the title and then the Reject button. You can then re-assign it back to all Answer Coordinators or you can manually add specific Answer Coordinators.

You may provide specific reasons as to why it was rejected and click the second Reject button. The ACs will either modify the answer for re-approval or archive it.

You will be unable to directly modify the answers for submission.

The Q&A results that you see in the Q&A tab can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet.


Export All Results will export all questions and answers available to you in the Q&A.

Export Filtered Results will only export the questions and answers within the filters requested via the left pane.

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