How do I attach a document to my Q&A answer?

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As a member of the Answer group, you may attach an existing project document to your Q&A answer, or you may upload a new document to support your Q&A answer.

To attach or add a document to an answer:

  1. From the Q&A tab, click the answer.
  2. If linking to an existing document, click Link Document. Select a folder or document, then click Add.
  3. If adding a new document, click Upload Document. Select a destination folder where you want the document to be added. Then, click Add. Drag-and-drop the document to the upload window. By default, the document you upload will remain hidden from the Question group until you submit your answer. You may override the default by selecting the "Make document visible immediately to all permissioned users" checkbox. Click Upload to upload the document to your answer.
  4. Depending on your selection above, the document may become available to permissioned users immediately, or when the answer is submitted.
  5. Proceed to answer the question, assign to an expert, or submit for approval.

Administrators – if you reference a document that the user does not have access to, the user will not see the document you have referenced. 

If you've chosen to make the document hidden until the answer is submitted, keep in mind that a Content Administrator or member of the Answer Group with a Content Role of Contributor or Higher may make the document visible by selecting the hidden document from the Documents tab and using the “Set Attachment to Visible” option in the documents menu to make the document visible to all permissioned users before the answer is submitted.


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