Ending Q&A

To end Q&A, go to the Q&A Settings tab, and in Step 4, set each Buyer Group’s Status to Inactive or Read-only. Inactive will hide the Q&A tab and will stop all emails. Read-only will allow your question groups to read questions and receive answers to outstanding questions, but not to ask new questions.


All Project Managers and Project Admins, regardless of their Q&A role, have access to the Q&A reports located in the Reports tab.


The first two reports show who is most interested in the deal, in other words, who is asking the questions.

The middle two reports show what the buyer groups are most interested in, or, what are users asking questions about.

The last two reports show how well the Q&A process is working. For example, are all questions being directed to just one expert?


Downloading an archive

When you end the Q&A, you can download a full archive of every question and answer. To do this, go to the Q&A Settings tab > Download Archive.



The download will include text files and an Excel spreadsheet:


The text file will lay out all the activity history and internal communication as well as the answer(s) related to the question. If you do not want to expose this information, exporting results from the Q&A tab may be a better option for you.

The Excel spreadsheet will display all submitted questions and answers including archived questions, reopened questions, and public questions, but internal activity will not be included.

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