Firmex FileSend

Firmex FileSend offers the perfect replacement for email and cumbersome file sharing services when transferring large and confidential documents.


Common Questions

How do I start a new project?

A project is the foundation of your Firmex site. It is the first thing you create - the shell where documents and users live.
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How do I bulk download?

Bulk download tools allow you to download some or all of the documents and folders in a Firmex project.
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Is there a file size limit?

Although there isn't a definitive maximum upload size for Firmex, there are best practices to ensure your data is uploaded smoothly...
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How to manage Firmex emails

There are 3 types of emails you may be receiving from Firmex: Document activity notifications…
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How do I reset a password?

While attempting to log in, you are prompted with the message stating “User credentials are invalid”.
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Can I add a confidentiality agreement?

A Project Administrator may post an NDA, disclaimer statement, terms of use, or confidentiality agreement document that a user must agree to…
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