Move, Copy, and Reorder Documents And Folders

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Users with a Project Role of Contributor or above have the ability to move, copy, and reorder documents and folders. If the user is a part of multiple projects, and has a Project Role of Contributor or above in both the source and target project, they may move or copy documents and folders between projects. 

To reorder documents

  1. First, make sure that the document list is sorted by the No. column. To do so, click the No. column heading.
  2. Click and drag the document using the document drag handles to re-order the document.

To reorder folders

  1. Click and drag a folder to its desired spot. Then, click Reorder to confirm.

Email notifications for copied documents

Each time you copy documents between folders or projects you may choose to notify your users of those copied documents. Doing so will trigger a document notification email to be sent to those users who have permission to the target folder you are moving the documents to.


Q: Will users be notified immediately?
A: Users will be notified according to their email notification frequency. For example, if a user’s email alert frequency is set to daily at 9am, they will receive your move/copy notification in their daily 9am email digest, along with any other documents that were added, moved, or copied.

Q: Am I able to notify users when I move a document within a project?
A: No. You will not be presented when moving documents within a project, only when moving the document to another project.

Q: What upload time and date will show in the email notification when I copy a document within a project?
A: When a document is copied, the email notification will show the time and date of the copy.

Q: What upload time and date will show in the notification when I move or copy a document to a different project?
A: When a document is moved /copied to another project, the email notification will show the date and time that the document was moved/copied.

Q: Suppose a user is set to receive an email digest once a week, Friday at 9AM. If I upload a document Monday, then move/copy that document Thursday, will the user - who is permissioned to receive alerts on both the upload and move/copy - see two documents in his email notification digest, or one?
A: The user will only see one document link in his email digest.

Q: If I copy hundreds of documents from my staging folder to the live structure, how many email digests will my users receive?
A: Users will receive one document activity notification per cycle of notification preference, which will include links to the first 100 documents only.

To move or copy documents

  1. Use the checkboxes to select one or more documents.
  2. Using the document drag handles, click and drag the documents to move or copy them to their destination folder.

  3. Alternatively, click the Manage Documents menu and select Move/Copy. This brings up a dialogue allowing you to move or copy documents within a project or to another project.

To move or copy folders

  1. Right click the folder you want to move.
  2. Select Move/Copy.
  3. The Move/Copy window appears. From the right-hand side, using the pull-down, select the destination project. Then, using a checkbox, select the destination folder.
  4. Select whether you want to Move or Copy the material. If you selected Copy, using the checkbox, select whether you want to include the material in users notification emails.
  5. Click Confirm to move or copy the material.

To copy a project

You may copy a project and choose whether to copy its documents, folders, permissions, and users. See this article for details.


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