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Firmex Support Activity Report


The Firmex Support Activity Report gives Site Administrators the ability to see a history of Firmex Support user activity in their site. 

Why would I use this report?

  1. During an audit process to know when Firmex Support users have accessed my site
  2. To know how often my users are requesting assistance from Firmex Support

Column Definitions

IP Address: The public IP address of the Firmex Support User

Email Address, Last Name, First Name: Details of the Firmex Support User

First Activity: The date/time of the first action (ie. login) of the Support user in the site

Last Activity: The date/time of the most recent action taken by the Support user in the site. Final update to this column is when the user logs out or when their session expires

Active Duration: The total sum of time spent in the site by the Firmex Support user for that unique login session

State: Shows the current State for the Support User’s session

Explanation of different States

Active: Support user is actively working in the site

Idle: Support user is not currently working in the site, but may return to continue the session

Session Expired: Support user has been inactive for >60 minutes

Logged Out: Support user has logged out 

Terminated: Support user ended the session by requesting access again or by clearing their cache and cookies

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