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Q&A Guide (Question Side)

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Firmex’s Q&A module allows you to ask questions relating to a deal within the data room.

When a Project Administrator has added you to Q&A, you'll see a new tab titled "Q&A". You can
either add questions through the Q&A tab or through the Documents tab while reviewing the
project’s contents.


Ask a Question

You will either be assigned a role of Question Author or Question Coordinator.

  • Question Authors can draft questions, but cannot submit questions to the Answer Side.
  • Question Coordinators can draft questions, as well as review drafted questions to be submitted to the Answer Side.

Ask a question from the Documents tab

From the Documents tab, you can ask questions that reference a specific directory,
subfolder, or document. Select the drop-down menu next to the item you are referencing
and select Add Question.


Ask a question from the Q&A tab

From the Q&A tab you can ask general questions, or reference a piece of content. Click the Add button to draft a new question.


Reopening a Question

You can reopen a question that has already been answered to ask for clarification or more details while keeping a record of the original question.

From the Q&A tab, simply select an Answer, and then the Reopen button. The Activity Feed provides a timestamped history of your conversation to give you the complete context surrounding the original question.



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