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Q: Who can move/copy content?
A: Users with a content role of Contributor or above in both the source and target folders are able to move and copy content. This is true of copying and moving content within a project, or between projects.


Q: If I choose to trigger notifications, who will get notified?
A: Only users with permission to the target folder - the folder you are moving documents to - will be notified.

Q: Will users be notified immediately?
A: Users will be notified according to their email notification frequency. For example, if a user’s email alert frequency is set to daily at 9am, they will receive your move/copy notification in their daily 9am email digest, along with any other documents that were added, moved, or copied.

Q: Am I able to notify users when I move a document within a project?
A: No. You will not be presented with that option when moving documents within a project, only when moving the document to another project.

Q: What upload time and date will show in the email notification when I copy a document within a project?
A: When a document is copied, the email notification will show the time and date of the copy.

Q: What upload time and date will show in the notification when I move or copy a document to a different project?
A: When a document is moved /copied to another project, the email notification will show the date and time that the document was moved/copied.

Q: Suppose a user is set to receive an email digest once a week, Friday at 9AM. If I upload a document Monday, then move/copy that document Thursday, will the user - who is permissioned to receive alerts on both the upload and move/copy - see two documents in his email notification digest, or one?
A: The user will only see one document link in his email digest. 

Q: If I copy hundreds of documents from my staging folder to the live structure, how many email digests will my users receive?
A: Users will receive one document activity notification per cycle of notification preference, which will include links to the first 100 documents only.


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